Black & Decker BDPS600 Manuel de service

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10ENGLISH(Original instructions)AssemblyWarning! Before assembly, make sure that the tool is switched off and unplugged.Attaching the side ll caniste

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11ENGLISH(Original instructions)Two speed control switch (g. H) (BDPS600 only)Your sprayer has two different speed settings.u To change speeds, pres

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12ENGLISH(Original instructions)Hints for optimum usePreparation tipsu Always stir and strain the material thoroughly before use.u With any spraying

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13ENGLISH(Original instructions)Flushing the sprayer (g. Q & R)u Disconnect the sprayer from the power supply.u Unscrew the lid from the side o

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14ENGLISH(Original instructions)Local regulations may provide for separate collection of elec-trical products from the household, at municipal waste s

Page 7 - Safety instructions

15GuaranteeBlack & Decker is condent of the quality of its products and offers an outstanding guarantee. This guarantee statement is in addition

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Page 9 - Features

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Page 10 - Assembly

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Page 11 - Flow control knob (g. I)

ENGLISHDo not forget to register your product! your product online at

Page 13 - Protecting the environment

90580717 REV-0 09/2011AustraliaBlack & Decker (Australia) Pty. Ltd. Tel. 03-8720 510020 Fletcher Road, Mooroolbark, Fax 03-9727 5940 Victoria

Page 18 - BDPS600K

7ENGLISH(Original instructions)Intended useYour Black & Decker oor based ne spray system is intended for atomising solvent based and water based

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8ENGLISH(Original instructions)c. Disconnect the plug from the power source and/or the battery pack from the power tool before making any adjustments

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9ENGLISH(Original instructions)Residual risks.Additional residual risks may arise when using the tool which may not be included in the enclosed safety

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