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Removable Plate Sandwich Maker / Grill
TS2040 / TS2060 /
Please read through this booklet for safe and efficient use of the appliance.
We urge you to read the "Hint's" section and also follow all detailed
instructions even if you are familiar with using this appliance.
Keep this guide handy for future reference.
First Use Safety Recommendation
English Page 02
Farsi Page 14
Arabic Page 21
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Page 1 - TS2040 / TS2060 /

Removable Plate Sandwich Maker / GrillTS2040 / TS2060 /TS2080Please read through this booklet for safe and efficient use of the appliance. We urge you


• |p ßOr ¸«°j °Du‰ 03 ±∑d (001 ≠u‹) ¸« ±v ¢u«Ê °bËÊ ≤~d«≤v «“ «≠X ¢u«Ê ±u¸œ «ß∑HUœÁ Æd«¸ œ«œ.• œË ®Uît °d‚ œß∑~UÁ °U¥b °U Äd¥e ¢MUßV œ«®∑t °U®Mb. ≥d

Page 3

-11-Farsi• °t ≥M~U «ß∑HUœÁ «“ œß∑~UÁ œ¸ §U¥v Øt ØuœØUÊ œ¸ ¬Ê •Cu¸ œ«¸≤b, °U¥b ¢u§t Ë ≤EU¸‹ ØU±Kv ±b ≤Ed Æd«¸ ÖOdœ.• ≥dÖe œ¸ “±UÊ «ß∑HUœÁ «“ œß∑~UÁ,

Page 4

-12-Farsi±u¸œ ±Bd· œß∑~UÁ ßU≤bË¥ê ßU“ Ë Öd¥q °Kp «≤b œØd ®LU °d«È ÖdÂ Ë °d®∑t ØdœÊ ßU≤bË¥ê ≥U Ë ¥U Öd¥q ØdœÊ ¨c« ¬≤~u≤t Øt œ¸ «¥s œ≠∑dÇt ¸«≥MLU °t ¬≤N

Page 5

-13-Farsi®MUßU¥v °ªg ≥UÈ ±ª∑Kn œß∑~UÁ1 Çd«⁄ ≤AU≤~d ¸Ë®s °uœÊ œß∑~UÁ2 Çd«⁄ ≤AU≤~d œ¸ •U‰ Öd ®bÊ œß∑~UÁ3 ÖOdÁ4 ßOMv ¢∫∑U≤v5 ßOMv ≠uÆU≤v6 ßOMv ±∏K∏v °d‘

Page 6

-14-Farsi°t ≥M~U ØU¸ °U ËßUzq °dÆv, ±u«¸œ ÄOA~Od«≤t «¥LMv ÄU¥t “¥d ¸« °U¥b ≥Lu«¸Á œ¸ ≤Ed œ«®X ¢U îDd °dË“¬¢g ßu“È, ®u„ «∞J∑d|Jv, Åb±U‹ ≠dœÈ Ë ≥LâMOs

Page 7 - TS2040/2060/2080

-15-Arabic¢LM` {LU≤UÎ ®U±öÎ ±b¢t ßM∑Os ∞Nc« «∞LM∑Z «´∑∂U¸«Î ±s ¢U¸¥a «∞Ad«¡. ¥GDw «∞CLUÊ ´Ou» «∞∑BMOl √Ë «∞Lu«œ «∞b«

Page 8

-16-Arabic•LU¥W «∞∂OµW¥πV ´b «∞∑ªKh ±s ≥c« «∞LM∑Z ±l °IOW «∞MHU¥U‹ «∞LMe∞OW.≈–« ˧b‹ ≠w ¥u ±s «_¥U √≤p °∫U§W ∞Ad«¡ §NU“ °ö„ √≤b œ¥Jd §b¥b, √Ë ∞r ¢F

Page 9 - 0802/0602/0402ST

-17-Arabic• ¥LJs «ß∑ªb«Â ßKp ¢uÅOq ¥Dq ©u∞t ≈∞v 03 ßr (001 ÆbÂ) œËÊ •bËÀ √Í ≠Ib«Ê ∞KDUÆW• ¥Ke √Ê ¥∑u«≠o «∞IU°f ±l «∞LI∂f Ëô ¢∫Uˉ ≈©öÆUÎ ¢Fb¥q «∞IU

Page 10

-18-Arabic• ô ¢ºL` ∞ú©HU‰ √Ë «∞∫Ou«≤U‹ °UôÆ∑d«» ±s ±MDIW ´Lq «∞πNU“ √Ë °KLf «∞ºKp «∞JNd°Uzw.• ¥Ke «ù®d«· «∞∫c¸ ´Kv ´Lq «∞πNU“ ≠w •U∞W ˧uœ «_©HU‰ °

Page 11

Arabic-91-«ôß∑ªb«Â «∞LF∑Lb∞Ib ÅLLX °ö„ œ¥Jd ±UØOMW ≈´b«œ «∞ºU≤bË¥∑AU‹/ «∞LAu«… ∞∑∫Lh «∞ºU≤bË¥∑AU‹ √Ë ¢AuÍ «_©FLW •ºV «ù¸®Uœ«‹ «∞u«¸œ… ≠w ≥c« «∞b∞Oq.≥c

Page 12

While using electrical appliances, in order to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, and/or injury to persons, basic safety precautions should be f

Page 13

Arabic-02-¢Fd¥n «_§e«¡1 ±R®d «∞JNd°U¡2 ±R®d œ¸§W «∞∫d«¸…3 ±A∂p4 «∞D∂o «∞ºHKw5 «∞D∂o «∞FKuÍ6 ©∂o «∞∑ºªOs «∞L∏KY ßNq «ôß∑ªb«Â (0402ST, 0802ST)7 ©∂o «∞A

Page 14

Arabic≥MU„ «•∑OU©U‹ ßö±W ¥πV «¢∂U´NU √£MU¡ «ß∑ªb«Â «_§Ne… «∞JNd°UzOW ∞K∑IKOq ±s îDd «∞∫d¥o Ë«∞Bb±W «∞JNd°UzOW Ë/√Ë ≈ÅU°W «_®ªU’ Ë¢ALq ≥cÁ «ô•∑OU©U‹ ±U

Page 15 - BLACK & DECKER

Afghanistan: Ishan National Co., Opp. Ministry of Justice, Kabul. Tel.: +93-2-2101727. Algeria: SARL Outillage Corporation, 04 Route De Dely Brahim Ch

Page 16 - 0402ST/0602ST/0802ST

English-3-Parts Identification1. Power indicator 2. Temperature indicator3. Clamp4. Lower plate5. Upper plate6. Cut and seal triangular plate (TS2040

Page 17

English-4-Intended UseYour Black and Decker Sandwich Maker / Grill has been designed for toasting sandwiches or grilling food as described in this man

Page 18

English-5-English• Do not allow children or animals to come near the work area or to touch the appliance or power supply cord.• Close supervision is

Page 19

-6-English• Up to 30m ( 100ft ) can be used without loss of power.• Power plugs must match the outlet. Never modify the plug in anyway. Do not use a

Page 20 - 0402ST, 0802ST)

English• If possible use the clamp to lock the cover in place.• Avoid thick foods as these will prevent the unit closing.The cooking time will vary

Page 21 - «•∑Hk °NcÁ «∞∑FKOLU‹

Black & Decker provides a 2 Year Warranty for this product from the date of purchase against defects due to defective materials or workmanship. Mo


• œ¸ Åu¸‹ «±JUÊ «“ ÖOdÁ ¸ËÈ œß∑t °d«È ÆHq ØdœÊ œ¸» œß∑~UÁ œ¸ ßd §UÈ îuœ «ß∑HUœÁ ØMOb.• «“ Æd«¸ œ«œÊ ±u«œ ¨c«¥v “¥Uœ ¥U •πOr œ¸ œß∑~UÁ Öd¥q Äd≥Oe ØMO

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