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Consistent with our continuing product
development, improvements may have
been made which render the contents of this
instruction manual slightly different to the
product received.
Circular Saw
Instruction Manual
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Page 1 - Circular Saw

R&D764272-00Consistent with our continuing product development, improvements may have been made which render the contents of this instruction manu

Page 2 - Congratulations!

timber require special attention during cutting operation to prevent kickback.Line GuideThe right side of the notch in the front of the shoe is the gu

Page 3

AccessoriesCAUTION: The use of any non- recommended accessory such as dado sets, molding cutters or abrasive wheels may be hazardous.Technical DataMod

Page 4 - General Safety Rules

Congratulations!On the purchase of your Black & Decker circular saw.To ensure the best results from your circular saw please read these safety and

Page 5 - 5) Service

R&D131211789101526131614345 1. Handle 2. Namplate 3. On/Off Switch 4. Lock-Off button 5. Depth of cut adjusting lever 6. Cordset 7. L

Page 6 - Preparing Your Saw

General Safety RulesWarning! Read all instructions. Failure to follow all instructions listed below may result in electric shock, fire and/or serious

Page 7 - Changing the Blade

e) Do not overreach. Keep proper footing and balance at all times. This enables better control of the power tool in unexpected situations.f) Press pro

Page 8 - Improper Support

A scale referring to the depth of cut is provided as a guide. It is located between the top guard and the rear handle. Note, the scale is a guide onl

Page 9

To Remove the BladeAdjust the depth of cut of the saw to maximum.Fully retract the lower guard.With the lower guard fully open, depress the spindle l

Page 10 - Maintenance

Important: The No Load Speed of the saw is 4800 RPM. The saw blade to be fitted must be rated higher than 4800 RPM.Replacement blades are available

Page 11 - Technical Data

C. Cutting off a cantilevered overhanging piece of material from the bottom in a vertical direction. The falling cut-off piece can pinch the blade.D.

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