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BW Defender
S, CO, O
2, 3 and 4 Gas Detectors
User Manual
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Résumé du contenu

Page 1 - BW Defender

BW Defender H2S, CO, O2 , LEL 2, 3 and 4 Gas Detectors Technologies Gebruiksaanwijzingen User Manual

Page 2

BW Defender2 Users Manual 2 Index Error! No index entries found.

Page 3 - Table of Contents

BW Defender2 Users Manual 2 This page is for holding the Reference Document (RD) fields. Do not remove from this master document. All RD fields will

Page 4

1 BW Defender2 Introduction aaaaWarning To ensure your personal safety, read “Safety Information” before you use the detector. The BW Defender2 ga

Page 5 - List of Tables

BW Defender2 User Manual 2 Contacting BW Technologies To contact BW Technologies, call: USA and Canada: 1-800-663-4164 BW America: 1-888-749-8878 E

Page 6

BW Defender2 Safety Information - Read First 3 aaaaWarning To avoid possible personal injury: ⇒ Substitution of components may impair Intrins

Page 7 - List of Figures

BW Defender2 User Manual 4 aaaaWarnings (cont.) ⇒ The LEL sensor is factory calibrated to methane. If monitoring a different combustible gas, calib

Page 8

BW Defender2 Safety Information - Read First 5 Caution To avoid possible damage to the detector: ⇒ Extended exposure of the detector to certa

Page 9

BW Defender2 User Manual 6 Getting Started The items listed below are included with your detector. If the detector is damaged or something is missin

Page 10 - BW Defender2

BW Defender2 Getting Started 7 Figure 1. BW Defender2 Detector Table 3. BW Defender2 Detector Item Function A Audible Alarm B V

Page 11

BW Defender2 User Manual 8 Figure 2. Display Elements Note Pushbutton reactivates the backlight for 10 seconds when light is insufficient. Table

Page 12

D2055 English Limited Warranty & Limitation of Liability BW Technologies warrants this product to be free from defects in material and workm

Page 13 - Contacting BW Technologies

BW Defender2 Getting Started 9 Table 5. Pushbuttons Pushbutton Description A • To turn on the detector, press A. • To initiate the Confidenc

Page 14 - BW Defender2

BW Defender2 User Manual 10 Activating the Detector ⇒ To activate the detector, press A in a normal atmosphere (20.9% oxygen). Self-Test The detec

Page 15 - User Manual

BW Defender2 Activating the Detector 11 MultiMediaCard icon S is displayed continuously on Black Box Dataloggers and when card is present in U

Page 16 - Caution

BW Defender2 User Manual 12 Sensor Test If a sensor fails the self-test, the audible alarm emits a slow modulating tone and the visual alarm flashe

Page 17 - Getting Started

BW Defender2 Deactivating the Detector 13 Battery Test The battery is tested on activation and continuously after activation. If the battery i

Page 18

BW Defender2 User Manual 14 Confidence Beep The Confidence Beep tells you the Detector is ON and the battery has sufficient power respond to a haza

Page 19 - Table 4. Display Elements

BW Defender2 User Option Menu 15 Latched Alarms User Option The detector is shipped with the latching alarm function disabled. If the gas alar

Page 20 - Pushbutton Description

BW Defender2 User Manual 16 Alarms Table 6 describes the detector alarms and shows how the display looks for each alarm. Table 7 describes the comp

Page 21 - Activating the Detector

BW Defender2 Alarms 17 Table 6. Alarms (cont.) Alarms Display Alarms Display TWA (LTEL) Alarm: • Fast modulating tone and flash. • ALARM and

Page 22 - Datalogger Operation

BW Defender2 User Manual 18 Table 6. Alarms (cont.) Alarms Display Alarms Display Sensor Alarm: • Slow modulating tone and flash. • ALARM and gas

Page 23 - Self-Test Fail

i D2055 English Table of Contents Title Page Introduction ...

Page 24 - Deactivating the Detector

BW Defender2 Alarms 19 Table 6. Alarms (cont.) Alarms Display Alarms Display Automatic Shutdown Alarm: • 8 beeps and flashes. • IIII LOW

Page 25 - User Option Menu

BW Defender2 User Manual 20 Gas Exposures Computed aaaa Warning To avoid possible personal injury, do not turn off the detector during a work shif

Page 26 - Change the Date and Time

BW Defender2 Alarms 21 Viewing Gas Exposures ⇒ Press H and simultaneously. The display first shows the TWA gas exposure: The display then

Page 27 - Table 6. Alarms

BW Defender2 User Manual 22 Resetting Gas Alarm Setpoints Note: Standard factory alarm setpoints may vary by region. Table 9. Factory Set Alarm S

Page 28 - Table 6. Alarms (cont.)

BW Defender2 Alarms 23 Sensor Alarm The detector tests for a missing or defective sensor during the activation self-test. See the section, &qu

Page 29

BW Defender2 User Manual 24 Calibration and Setting Alarm Setpoints Guidelines Caution The detector must be calibrated using the following gas con

Page 30

BW Defender2 Calibration and Setting Alarm Setpoints 25 Diagnostics Protection: The detector test the ambient air (auto zero) and the test ga

Page 31 - Gas Exposures Computed

BW Defender2 User Manual 26 Calibration Procedure To calibrate the detector and set its alarm setpoints, perform the following procedure. Start Ca

Page 32 - and simultaneously

BW Defender2 Calibration and Setting Alarm Setpoints 27 Pass Code Protect: The detector will ask for the pass code before proceeding to Auto S

Page 33 - Stopping a Gas Alarm

BW Defender2 User Manual 28 Auto Span The display shows a flashing gas cylinder and beeps twice, prompting you to apply a calibration gas to the s

Page 34 - Automatic Shutdown Alarm

BW Defender2 Users Manual ii D2055 English Calibration and Setting Alarm Setpoints ...

Page 35 - Guidelines

BW Defender2 Calibration and Setting Alarm Setpoints 29 Alarm Setpoints Alarms may be set anywhere within the detection range for the sensor

Page 36 - Applying Gas to the Sensors

BW Defender2 User Manual 30 Setting the High Alarm Setpoint The display shows the High Alarm setpoint for H2S: The Set up/down arrows lights, pr

Page 37

BW Defender2 Calibration and Setting Alarm Setpoints 31 Setting the Remaining Alarm Setpoints The display shows the Low Alarm setpoint for the

Page 38 - Pass Code Protect Activated

BW Defender2 User Manual 32

Page 39 - Auto Span

BW Defender2 33 Instrument Maintenance Maintenance...34 Replacing the Battery

Page 40 - Alarm Setpoints

BW Defender2 User Manual 34 Maintenance To keep the detector in good operating condition, perform the following basic maintenance as required: •

Page 41

BW Defender2 Maintenance 35 Table 11 and Figure 4 illustrate how to replace the battery. If the detector is on, shut down the detector before

Page 42 - Verification (optional)

BW Defender2 User Manual 36 Replacing a Sensor or Sensor Filter aaaa Warning To avoid personal injury, use only sensors specifically designed for

Page 43

BW Defender2 Replacing a Sensor or Sensor Filter 37 Table 12 and Figure 5 illustrate how to replace a sensor or sensor filter. If the detector

Page 44 - User Options

BW Defender2 User Manual 38 User Options Upgrade a 2 or 3 Gas Unit A 2-gas (O2, LEL) or 3-gas (O2, LEL, H2S) detector can be upgraded in the field

Page 45 - Replacing the Battery

iii D2055 English List of Tables Table Title Page 1. Gases Monitored...

Page 46

BW Defender2 User Options 39 Pass Code Protection The detector is shipped with the Pass Code protection OFF. Pass Code protection prevents use

Page 47 - Sensor Filter

BW Defender2 User Manual 40 If the Detector Does Not Work The detector’s electronics are protected from variations in humidity and corrosive atmos

Page 48

BW Defender2 If the Detector Does Not Work 41 Table 13. Troubleshooting Tips (cont.) Problem Possible Cause Solution Activation self-test fail

Page 49

BW Defender2 User Manual 42 Table 13. Troubleshooting Tips (cont.) Problem Possible Cause Solution Detector does not enter alarm. Alarm setpoint(

Page 50 - User Options

BW Defender2 Replacement Parts and Accessories 43 Replacement Parts and Accessories WWarning To avoid personal injury or damage to the detecto

Page 51

BW Defender2 User Manual 44 Specifications Operating temperature: -20 °C to +50 °C Operating humidity: 5 % to 95 % relative humidity (non-conde

Page 52

BW Defender2 Specifications 45 Display: Alphanumeric liquid crystal display (LCD) Backlight: Automatically activates whenever there is insuf

Page 53

BW Defender2 User Manual 46 General Specifications for Datalogger Units Media Type: MMC (MultiMediaCard) Size: 16 MB (standard); 16, 32 and 64

Page 54 - WWarning

BW Defender2 Specifications 47 BW Defender2 with User Downloadable Datalogger Operation: Requires no user intervention (automatic) Indicato

Page 55 - Specifications

BW Defender2 User Manual 48

Page 56 - Specifications

BW Defender2 Users Manual iv D2055 English

Page 57

Appendix A A Appendix A Excel Datalog Manager (E.D.M.) ... B Installing Excel Datalog Manager (E.D.M.)... C MMC

Page 58

BW Defender2 Users Manual BExcel Datalog Manager (E.D.M.) The Support CD for the User Downloadable Datalogger Detectors contains: • BW Technologies

Page 59

Appendix A Excel Datalog Manager (E.D.M.) CD1430 English Installing Excel Datalog Manager (E.D.M.): • Place the BW Defender2 Datalogger E.D.

Page 60 - Appendix A

BW Defender2 Users Manual DStart Excel Datalog Manager Double click on the E.D.M. icon on the desktop to start the Excel Datalog Manager Wizard. Thi

Page 61 - (E.D.M.)

Appendix A Excel Datalog Manager (E.D.M.) ED1430 English 5. Filter: This step allows the user to filter the original files d

Page 62 - MMC Card Reader Installation

BW Defender2 Users Manual FDirect Import to Compatible Programs Information from this point on only applies to users who are not using the E.D.M. plu

Page 63 - Import Your Data File

Appendix A Direct Import to Compatible Programs GD1430 English Table A: DATALOGGER STATUS CODES Codes Explanation General Codes — Normal oper

Page 64 - D1430 English

BW Defender2 Users Manual HWhen datalogger information is imported into most spreadsheet software, it will appear similar to the example below; line

Page 65 - Desktop Applications

Appendix A Direct Import to Compatible Programs ID1430 English In this example: Line 1 shows the alarm 1 setpoints (code ‘1’) for all 4 senso

Page 66

BW Defender2 Users Manual JMultiMediaCard Compatibility A standard 16MB MMC Flash Memory card is supplied with the BW Defender2 Datalogger. When purc

Page 67 - Users Manual

v D2055 English List of Figures Figure Title Page 1. BW Defender2 Detector ...

Page 68

Appendix A Troubleshooting KD1430 English Troubleshooting A new MMC Card is automatically formatted when it is installed in the detector. Wh

Page 70 - Troubleshooting


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