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User Manual
GasAlert Max
1, 2, 3, and 4 Gas Detectors
D1430/4 [English]
iERP: 122414
© BW Technologies 2006. All rights reserved. Printed in Canada.
All product names are trademarks of their respective companies.
S, CO, O
, Combustibles
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Résumé du contenu

Page 1 - GasAlert Max

User ManualGasAlert Max1, 2, 3, and 4 Gas Detectors D1430/4 [English]iERP: 122414© BW Technologies 2006. All rights reserved. Printed in Canada.All

Page 2


Page 3 - Table of Contents

GasAlertMax Introduction a Warning To ensure your personal safety, read “Safety Information” before you use the detector. The GasAlertMax gas detect

Page 4 - Title Page

GasAlertMax User Manual 2 Contacting BW Technologies To contact BW Technologies, call: USA: 1-888-749-8878 Canada: 1-800-663-4164 Europe: +44 (0) 1295

Page 5

GasAlertMax Safety Information - Read First 3a Cautions To avoid possible personal injury: ⇒ Warning: Substitution of components may impair Int

Page 6

GasAlertMax User Manual 4 a Cautions ⇒ BW recommends to “bump test” the sensors before each day’s use, to confirm their ability to respond to gas by

Page 7 - List of Tables

GasAlertMax Safety Information - Read First 5a Cautions To avoid possible damage to the detector: ⇒ Extended exposure of the GasAlertMax to cer

Page 8

GasAlertMax User Manual Getting Started The items listed below are included with your detector. If the detector is damaged or something is missing, co

Page 9 - List of Figures

GasAlertMax Getting Started Figure 1. GasAlertMax Detector Table 3. GasAlertMax Detector Item Description 1 Audible alarm 2 Visual alarm bar

Page 10 - Order Number Description

GasAlertMax User Manual Table 4. Display Elements Item Description 1 Set value 2 Increment or decrement value 3 Gas cylinder 4 Battery 5 Automatica

Page 11

GasAlertMax Getting Started Table 5. Pushbuttons Pushbutton Description F • To activate the detector press F. • To deactivate the detector, pr

Page 12 - Contacting BW Technologies

Limited Warranty & Limitation of Liability BW Technologies LP (BW) warrants this product to be free from defects in material and workmanship under

Page 13 - GasAlertMax

GasAlertMax User Manual Activating the Detector Note The detector must be activated before entering a potentially explosive area. To activate the det

Page 14 - Cautions

GasAlertMax Activating the Detector User Downloadable Datalogger The detector tests the MMC. The LCD displays if the card is present and ready f

Page 15

GasAlertMax User Manual 7. The calibration status is shown. The number of days remaining before a calibration is due is displayed. If the calibrat

Page 16 - Getting Started

GasAlertMax Activating the Detector 9. The detector then runs a pump test check (if enabled in the user options). 10. The oxygen sensor is the

Page 17 - Item Description

GasAlertMax User Manual Self-Test Pass If the detector passes the self-test, the detector begins normal operation. The LCD displays the ambient gas r

Page 18 - Figure 2. Display Elements

GasAlertMax Confidence Beep Confidence Beep The confidence beep notifies that the detector is activated and the battery has sufficient power to

Page 19 - Pushbutton Description

GasAlertMax User Manual To access the user options menu, activate the detector (if applicable). Press H and G simultaneously until the LCD displays t

Page 20 - Activating the Detector

GasAlertMax User Options Menu The date and time displays in the following order: Day of the week (Monday = 1), Hours (h), Minutes, Date (D),

Page 21 -

GasAlertMax User Manual Pass Code Protection Option Pass code protection prevents unauthorized personnel from accessing to the user option menu, cali

Page 22

GasAlertMax User Options Menu Enable/Disable Pass Code Protect To enter the pass code protection option, press C when the LCD displays PASS Lock

Page 23 - Pump Test

Table of Contents Title Page Introduction...

Page 24 - Deactivating the Detector

GasAlertMax User Manual Note Whenever you enter the latching alarm option, it toggles the option on or off (depending on its current status). The LCD

Page 25 - User Options Menu

GasAlertMax User Options Menu Calibration Span Concentration Option With this option you can input new gas concentrations before calibrating you

Page 26

GasAlertMax User Manual Pump Test Option The pump test option allows you to enable or disable the pump test at start-up. Enabling this option allows

Page 27 - User Options Menu

GasAlertMax User Options Menu German Language Option The detector’s text can be viewed in either English or German. This option allows you to to

Page 28

GasAlertMax User Manual Alarms Table 6 describes the detector alarms and shows how the LCD looks for each alarm. Table 7 describes the computed gas e

Page 29

GasAlertMax Alarms Table 6. Alarms Alarms Display Alarms Display Over Range Alarm: (Over Level Exposure) • Fast modulating beep and flash •

Page 30

GasAlertMax User Manual Table 6. Alarms Alarms Display Alarms Display Low Battery Alarm: (Confidence beep disabled) • One beep and one flash every 5

Page 31

GasAlertMax Alarms Gas Exposures Computed a Warning To avoid possible personal injury, do not deactivate the detector during a work shift. The d

Page 32

GasAlertMax User Manual Viewing Gas Exposures Press G and C simultaneously and the LCD first displays the TWA gas exposure. The LCD then shows the

Page 33 - German Language Option

GasAlertMax Alarms Gas Alarm Setpoints The detector's gas alarm setpoints trigger the gas alarms described in the table below. Table 8. Gas

Page 34 - Table 6. Alarms

GasAlertMax User Manual Title Page Sampling Hose...

Page 35 - Alarms

GasAlertMax User Manual To change the factory-set alarm setpoints, refer to the Calibration and Setting Alarm Setpoints section. Note You can disable

Page 36

GasAlertMax Alarms Pump Failure Alarm This alarm activates if the startup pump test has failed or the pump is missing/broken. Note The pump ma

Page 37 - Gas Exposures Computed

GasAlertMax User Manual Calibration and Setting Alarm Setpoints Guidelines When calibrating the detector, adhere to the following guidelines. • Reco

Page 38

GasAlertMax Calibration and Setting Alarm Setpoints • Calibrate only in a clean atmosphere, which is free of background gas. • To disable an a

Page 39 - Oxygen Alarm Setpoints

GasAlertMax User Manual Diagnostics Protection The detector tests the ambient air (auto zero) and the test gas that is applied (auto span) to ensure

Page 40

GasAlertMax Calibration and Setting Alarm Setpoints Calibration Procedure To calibrate the detector and set its alarm setpoints, perform the fol

Page 41 - Automatic Shutdown Alarm

GasAlertMax User Manual Pass Code Protect Activated After a successful auto zero, the detector asks for the pass code if the detector is pass code pr

Page 42 - Guidelines

GasAlertMax Calibration and Setting Alarm Setpoints Auto Span The LCD displays K prompting you to apply the calibration gas to the sensors or yo

Page 43

GasAlertMax User Manual Setting the Alarm Setpoints Note TWA, STEL, low, and high alarm setpoints are set for each sensor in the following order: H2S

Page 44 - Applying Gas to the Sensors

GasAlertMax Calibration and Setting Alarm Setpoints Setting the Calibration Due Date After all the alarm setpoints have been set, the LCD displa

Page 45

Title Page Replacement Parts and Accessories...56 Sp

Page 46

GasAlertMax User Manual Pump Calibration The pump needs recalibration if the pump alarm continues for more than 5 seconds and the LCD displays that t

Page 47 - Auto Span

GasAlertMax Pump Calibration Pump Calibration Pass If the pump calibration/pump test passes, the audible alarm beeps three times, the LCD displa

Page 48 - Setting the Alarm Setpoints

GasAlertMax User Manual Sampling Hose The sampling hose can be used to draw a gas sample from a remote area. For instructions on how to connect the s

Page 49 - Verification

GasAlertMax MultiMediaCard (MMC) Installing the MMC Card Reader To retrieve recorded data, an MMC reader has to be configured and installed on y

Page 50 - Pump Calibration

GasAlertMax User Manual 3. Remove the MMC from the datalogger and insert it back into the card reader. 4. Double-click on the My Computer icon. 5.

Page 51 - Pump Calibration Fail

GasAlertMax MultiMediaCard (MMC) Determining Application Compatibility To determine if the application selected is compatible: 1. Insert the MM

Page 52 - MultiMediaCard (MMC)

GasAlertMax User Manual Table 11. Datalogger Status Codes Codes Explanation General Codes — Normal operation G Backlight is on Sensor Codes L Low al

Page 53 - Recovering Data Files

GasAlertMax MultiMediaCard (MMC) Example of a CSV File When datalogger information is imported into most spreadsheet software, it will appear si

Page 54 - Importing the Data File

GasAlertMax User Manual Description of Line Examples This example shows the following information: Line 1: TWA alarm setpoints (code 3) for H2S and C

Page 55 - MultiMediaCard (MMC)

GasAlertMax Maintenance Maintenance To keep the detector in good operating condition, perform the following basic maintenance as required: • Ca

Page 56 - Codes Explanation

GasAlertMax User Manual iv

Page 57 - Example of a CSV File

GasAlertMax User Manual The following table and figure illustrate how to replace the battery. If the detector is activated, deactivate the detector b

Page 58 - Description of Line Examples

GasAlertMax Maintenance Replacing a Sensor, Pump, or Pump Filter aWarning To avoid personal injury, use only sensors specifically designed for t

Page 59 - Maintenance

GasAlertMax User Manual The following table and figure illustrate how to replace a sensor, pump, or pump filter. If the detector is activated, deacti

Page 60

GasAlertMax Troubleshooting TroubleshootingThe detector’s electronics are protected from variations in humidity and corrosive atmospheres. If yo

Page 61 - Replacing/Adding a Sensor

GasAlertMax User Manual Table 15. Troubleshooting Tips Problem Possible Cause Solution The activation self-test fails during one of the checks. → Gen

Page 62

GasAlertMax Troubleshooting Table 15. Troubleshooting Tips Problem Possible Cause Solution The detector does not enter alarm. → Alarm setpoint

Page 63 - Troubleshooting

GasAlertMax User Manual Replacement Parts and Accessories a Warning To avoid personal injury or damage to the detector, use only the specified replac

Page 64

GasAlertMax Model No. Description Qty M1806 Replacement tube for sampling hose /ft. M0931K Quick connector spares for sampling hose 2 GA-C

Page 65 - Troubleshooting

GasAlertMax User Manual O2 measuring principle: Capillary controlled concentration sensor Pump flow rate: 250 ml/min. (minimum) Detection techniques:

Page 66 - Model No. Description Qty

GasAlertMax Specifications First-time charge: NiCd: 6 hours for two batteries NiMH: 12 hours for two batteries Normal charge: NiCd: 3-4 hours

Page 67 - Specifications

List of Tables Table Title Page GasAlertMax Gas Detector ...viii 1.

Page 68

GasAlertMax User Manual • Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. • Increase the separation between the equipment and receiver. • Connect the

Page 69 - Specifications

GasAlertMax Specifications Download via: USB, parallel port, floppy disk, or PC card adapter. Software required: Spreadsheet or database compati

Page 70

User ManualGasAlert Max1, 2, 3, and 4 Gas Detectors D1430/4 [English]iERP: 122414© BW Technologies 2006. All rights reserved. Printed in Canada.All

Page 71

GasAlertMax User Manual vi

Page 72

List of Figures Figure Title Page 1. GasAlertMax Detector.......................

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