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Improper installation, adjustment,
alteration, service or maintenance
can cause injury or property
Read the installation, operation
and maintenance instructions
thoroughly before installing or
servicing this equipment.
Failure to follow these
instructions could result in fire
or explosion that could cause
property damage, personal
injury or death.
For Outdoor Use Only
(outside any enclosure)
DO NOT use Grill indoors or in any
enclosed area. DO NOT use in or on
boats or recreational vehicles. Toxic
fumes and carbon monoxide can
accumulate and cause asphyxiation.
Chemicals known to the state of
California to cause cancer, birth
defects or other reproductive harm
arecreated by the combustion of
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Page 1

RRGImproper installation, adjustment, alteration, service or maintenance can cause injury or property damage.Read the installation, operation and mai

Page 2 - Grill Operation 1-2-3

JXG4604A Owner’s Manual 9 Step 5 (Assemble left tank clip with cart assembly) a) Align the holes on the left spare tank

Page 3 - Table of Contents

JXG4604A Owner’s Manual 10 Step 9 ( Assemble the side tables with body assembly) a) Loosen the three bolts (pre-installed) on the

Page 4 - For Your Safety

JXG4604A Owner’s Manual 11 Step 12 (Heating plate, cooking grid and warming rack assembly) a) Place the heating plates (P) upon t

Page 5 - 24 Inches

JXG4604A Owner’s Manual 12 Step 13 (Assemble the grease panel with heat insulator) a) Loosen the three bolts (pre-installed) on th

Page 6 - Package Contents

JXG4604A Owner’s Manual 13 Operating the Grill CAUTION: Use only the regulator provided. If a replacement is necessary, call our customer servi

Page 7 - Owner’s Manual

JXG4604A Owner’s Manual 14Connecting & disconnecting the Gas Cylinder LP (Propane) Gas Supply Connection 1. Always place the propane cylinder on

Page 8 - Hardware List

JXG4604A Owner’s Manual 15burner tube can lead to a fire beneath the appliance. 2. All valves must be in the “OFF” position. 3. Open cylinder

Page 9 - Assembly Instructions

JXG4604A Owner’s Manual 16FIG. A FIG. B FIG. C

Page 10

JXG4604A Owner’s Manual 175. Turn burner control knobs to HIGH. 6. Wait at least 1 minute. 7. Turn burner control knobs OFF. 8. Wait for at least

Page 11

JXG4604A Owner’s Manual 18If the inside surface of the grill lid has the appearance of peeling paint, baked on grease has turned to carbon and is flak

Page 12 - Step 12 (

JXG4604A Owner’s Manual1Grill Operation 1-2-3 Before GrillingStep 1 Keep your grill a safe distance away from your property.* Step 2 Always perf

Page 13 - 1/4 bolt’s length to

JXG4604A Owner’s Manual 19Sudden drop in gas flow or reduced flame height. Tank out ofgas. Checkfor gas in propane tank.Irregular flame pattern, flame

Page 14

JXG4604A Owner’s Manual20Printed in China1-Year Limited Warranty on all parts in regards to damage affecting the operation of the gas grill. Warrant

Page 15

JXG4604A Owner’s Manual 2 Table of Contents For Your Safety...

Page 16

JXG4604A Owner’s Manual3For Your SafetyDear Valued Customer, Congratulations on manual, you will find assembly instructions, suggestions for grilling

Page 17

JXG4604A Owner’s Manual 4Safe Locations For Use Of This Outdoor Grill DANGER Never use this outdoor grill inside any building, garage, shed or breezew

Page 18 - Care and Maintenance

JXG4604A Owner’s Manual 5Package Contents

Page 19

JXG4604A Owner’s Manual 6Illustrated Parts List A. Cart Bottom Panel………...1pc B. Door Latch Panel….…...1pc C. Cart Left Side Panel...1pc

Page 20

JXG4604A Owner’s Manual 7 Hardware List AA:29PCS BB:12PCS CC:27PCS DD:20PCS EE:12PCS FF:6PCS GG:4PCS HH:1PC Hardware listed above is n

Page 21 - Manufactured by:

JXG4604A Owner’s Manual 8 Assembly Instructions Remove all contents from the carton packaging. Make sure all parts are present before attempting asse

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